We’ve federalised our Telegram presence and now have separate channels for a number of bespoke or contentious topics, allowing people to speak freely whilst not exposing people to subject matter they’re tired or uncomfortable with seeing.

Severn Bronies General: t.me/severnbronies
For updates on meets and discussion that doesn’t really fit anywhere else.

Severn Bronies Developers: t.me/severnbroniesdevs
For discussion about programming, web development and technology.

Severn Bronies Gaming: t.me/severnbroniesgaming
Discussion about video games and those who play them.

Severn Bronies GIC: t.me/severnbroniesgic
Discussion, support and memes for LGBT members, with a particular focus on trans and gender non-conforming individuals.

Severn Bronies News + Politics: t.me/severnbroniespolitics
Discussion and shitposting about politics and current affairs.

Crying and Singing: The Fandomt.me/joinchat/AWYHYQtF3LoLPp938IoDsg
For discussion about Steven Universe. Warning: This can become a very spoiler-heavy zone around new releases.

There’s also a staff chat, but you’re probably not allowed in that one.

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