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At the Movies: The Batman

A movie meet! We’ve not done one of these for quite a long time (barring watching A New Generation last year), so we figured it’d be a good time for another.

We’re gonna go watch The Batman at the Bristol Showcase Cinema de Lux. 1pm showing (2D, XLR optional). Here’s a quick link for that combination of settings. The second ever Bristol Bronies meet was to watch The Dark Knight Rises, so it seems appropriate that a guy dressed in bat-themed clothing and punching people be our bread and butter—after the cute horses, of course.

Booking your ticket in advance is highly encouraged to avoid disappointment. We’re gunning for seats on row P, for pony.

We’ll be meeting a bit earlier than normal (at the cinema, for folks who still need to buy tickets) so we have adequate time to get lunch and movie snacks before the show. As The Batman is a 15 rated movie, unfortunately any younglings won’t be able to attend this one. Sorry!


  1. Showcase Cinema de Lux Bristol

    Showcase Cinema de Lux Bristol
    Glass House Ln
    Bristol BS1 3BX