About us

The Severn Bronies are a social group that have organised brony meets and events in and around the west of England and south Wales since 2012.

With nearly 200 members and over 200 events totalling almost one thousand hours of meet time, we’ve got a whole lot of experience with having fun!

Meet by numbers

We've been doing events for 8 years
making up a total of 417 meets
for more than 2127 hours of good times

Types of meet

@ the Movies: Meets for film fans, fanatics and general appreciators. Bring on the popcorn!

Games Bronies Play: Our twice-monthly meets dedicated to board games, card games, video games, and gaming games. (We really like games.)

Severn Bronies Meet: Full-day affairs usually having a defined plan and running for over six hours in length, often with a private hired venue. Episode viewings, music, competitions and games are common here. These meets typically draw a crowd from further afield and make for a fun introduction to your first Severn Bronies meet.

Severn Bronies on Tour: Because—rarely—we find a reason to go somewhere else.

Severn Bronies Social: Our small socials (often referred to as ‘the weeklies’) take place on Fridays and are about three hours long. These are intended to be short, informal gatherings of local bronies and rarely have any defined plan.

Severn Bronies Special: Occasionally we hold special meets, which are based around specific events such as local festivals and concerts, or just meets which feature something a little different, like karaoke or cosplay.

The folks in charge