Media policy

Our definition of “media” is wide ranging, but roughly covers all photography, videography and journalistic activity not performed by or on behalf of the Severn Bronies.

Media representatives are encouraged to contact us well in advance of any intended broadcast date or deadline. We reserve the right to deny access to any member of the media at any time.

Unlike many other “weird” fandom groups, we aim to have an open and honest relationship with the media. All media requests will be considered and responded to based on the judgement of our staff committee.

Even if approved, the comfort and safety of our attendees is imperative and we require that media representatives honour individual’s wishes to not be interviewed, photographed or recorded. We will announce your attendance beforehand through any channels we deem reasonable and we may request that you wear identifying marks (usually a lanyard) when at the meet. Media representatives are bound by the same rules as regular attendees.

Students and researchers wanting to contact us for academic purposes are considered media, and are bound by the same requirements and restrictions.