A Severn Bronies Meet and Severn Bronies on Tour

Bristol Bronies On Tour: Cardiff


We’re going On Tour again, this time to another country entirely! Well, Wales anyway…

Meet Plan

11:00am–11:30am Meet at Cardiff Central

The meet begins at Cardiff Central. Here we’ll make sure everyone is together before starting our day! You can do your usual coffee grabbing/talking/mooching around here.

12:00pm–1.30pm Lunch at The Great Western

Yep, we’re starting the day off right with a trip to a pub. Grab a drink and some food here, and maybe play a card game or two!

1.30pm-3.30pm Shopping at St David’s shopping centre

We’re going pony hunting in the centre of Cardiff! Who knows what wonders await us? Other shops will include Forbidden Planet and some escapades into tech-related places too.

4.00pm-6.00pm Bowling and dinner at Cardiff Bay

Lets head down to the wonderful, and “Timey-Wimey” Cardiff Bay for an evening of “friendly” competition with our Welsh friends. There are plenty of options for grabbing food from here, so take your pick!



  1. Cardiff Central railway station

    Central Square
    CF10 1EP