A Severn Bronies Meet and Severn Bronies on Tour

On Tour: Return to Exeter

So, this month we’re trying something a little different. Bristol Bronies meets, but not in Bristol.

We have christened them “Bristol Bronies on Tour”, and we hope they will liven up our meet schedule during this rather long hiatus between seasons. There will be a news post soon explaining this new type of meet further. First on our list of On Tour meets is Exeter. That’s right, we’re returning to that fabled city of brony meets gone by, for another wonderful and (hopefully) sunny day of fun!

Meet Plan

11:00am–11:30am Meet at Exeter Central

The meet begins at Exeter Central. Here you can meet everyone, have a chat, and maybe grab some coffee!

12:00pm–3:30pm Exeter Cathedral

From the train station we head to the magnificent Exeter Cathedral. For around 3 hours this will be our hub from which you may purchase food, pony related goods, and just generally hang out!

4:00pm–5:30pm The Imperial

Ah yes, the old staple of Exeter meets gone by! Here you can drink and be merry, and we suggest you get something to eat!

6:00pm–8:00pm Bowling

This is an optional side event for those that want to come. We will be going bowling at Tenpin Alley near Exeter St Thomas station. Games are £6.99 each, or two games for £12.25.


  1. Exeter Central railway station

    Exeter Central
    United Kingdom




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