A Severn Bronies Meet and Severn Bronies Special

Bristol Pride 2022: the return of the rainbows

Like the years before, we are once again meeting up to celebrate Pride in Bristol.

The day is going to be hot and we will be spending most of it outside, wear suitable clothing, bring water, and apply sunscreen.

Note: The event shall be rather busy, it’s recommended that anyone coming joins the Discord group so they can get updates or contact us if needed. More specifics about the event are on the Bristol Pride website.

Meet plan


10am – 10:45am

We will start meeting at, around, or before 10am at Castle Park, trying to congregate in front of St Peter’s Church (those are the large ruins in the park), however, the park will be very crowded so this may not be possible.

The Parade

10:45am – 11:45am

The parade starts from Castle Park and works its way around Broadmead, then down Baldwin Street, through the Centre, ending at Millenium Square. The parade is set to take an hour to complete.

After Parade

Following the parade, who knows what we will do. Normally we take a break for lunch (traditionally Nando’s), but places will be busy. We may also go up to the Festival if there is enough interest.


The Festival this year is being hosted up on the Downs, which is roughly 3 miles away, uphill, because of this it’s recommended to use a bus. The best way to get up there and support Bristol pride is to buy a pride day wristband for £7.50, which gets you access to the shuttle bus along with other extras. Alternatively, you can travel up by pubic first buses from the nearby bus stop, busses are £4.30 for a return or £5.30 for a day ticket.

Entry to the festival is free.


  1. Castle Park

    Castle Park
    Bristol BS1 3XB
  2. Millenium Square

    Millenium Square
  3. Durdham Downs

    Durdham Park
    Bristol BS9 1FG