A @ the Movies and Severn Bronies Meet


An animated GIF of Coco, a bird/palm tree/aeroplane hybrid character from Foster's Home for Imaginary friends, attacking the viewer with her foot. The image is styled to appear as though it is home video footage.
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It’s been a good long while since we did a movie meet, and since we don’t have anything else particularly planned right now, we figured we’d go see the (frankly, overdue) release of Disney’s Coco!

Meet plan

Starbucks from 11am

The usual meeting spot, just so you don’t get lost.

The Knights Templar from 12pm

Food and other refreshments ahoy.

The town from 1:30pm

Get movie snacks and what have you.

The movie from 2:30pm

We’re currently aiming for the 2:30pm showing of Coco at the Showcase Cinema De Lux. It is opening weekend and this is a Disney film, so you might want to book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

Like My Little Pony: The Movie we’re aiming to get everyone together; so book a seat as close as you want to seat G12. Get your ass down to flavour town.

[image id=’1382′ align=’right’]

Once again that’s the Showcase Cinema De Lux, Cabot Circus, Bristol for the 2:30pm showing of Coco, seated around seat G12. Cool? Cool.

Later, gator

Afterwards; who knows? We’ll probably grab dinner together (assuming we haven’t engorged ourselves on popped corn) and just hang out. Swiss.


  1. Starbucks Temple Quay

    1 The Square
    BS1 6DG
  2. Showcase Cinema de Lux Bristol

    Showcase Cinema de Lux Bristol
    Glass House Ln
    Bristol BS1 3BX