A Games Bronies Play and Severn Bronies Meet

Games Bristol Ponies Play

Button Mash playing an arcade game.

Bring your favourite game (that can be played at a quiet pub!) and let’s get rolling some dice/dealing some cards/making some friends (Unless it’s monopoly but if you bring THAT, any broken friendships are your own fault! 😂). I’ll probably have horse con, Buck legacy and unstable unicorns at minimum for the pony-rific content…

Since we’re pushing the meet back by a week for FoF and Boardroom is double-booked, we will be at the Birkett Tap for the main meet this time, hence stealing Cardiff’s usual go-to of gaming (sorry/not sorry Skydream!). Also a later official finish time as I’ll be staying out later since I’ve got friends over so making the most of their visit – we may stay even later still, but we have to *officially* end SOME time!

Otherwise it will be the usual procedure, Pre-Meet at Starbucks Temple Quay at 11am until just before midday, then wander along the canal/harbourside and through the park to get to Birkett Tap just after it opens.

Since Birkett Tap isn’t a booking we’ll have backup locations of 1) Geek Retreat or 2) downstairs at Boardroom – we shouldn’t need them but I like to have a fallback option or two! Keep an eye on the Severn Bronies Discord if you’re coming in later or otherwise can’t find us.


  1. Starbucks Temple Quay

    1 The Square
    BS1 6DG
  2. The Birkett Tap

    The Birkett Tap Bristol
    Baldwin Street