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Games Bronies Play #30: Political Process (and Doctor Strange!)

Two cards from the game Elections of US America Election: The Card Game, shown as "Cthulhu vs. Donald Trump".
Auroch Digital/Wonkette

After a year and a half of tedious, over-publicised and under-researched droning on and on about the presidency, from feeling the Bern to grabbing girls by the pussy, the United States presidential election finally comes to a close on Tuesday the 8th. Thank goodness. Let’s get this over with, shall we?

To “celebrate” this event, we’ll be doing some politicking of our own. Mostly to get all of this stuff out of our systems for good. Featuring, amongst others…

[image id=’1122′ align=’left’]
Elections of US America: Election: The Card Game
Play as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Cthulu and more as you try to win the support of states and build a campaign team that can carry you into the White House, whilst avoiding scandals at every turn!

[image id=’1120′ align=’left’]
Secret Hitler
Relive the excitement of parliamentary procedure in this game of deception. Pass laws and elect representatives, all while trying to avoid (or aid!) the Secret Hitler’s rise to power.

[image id=’1121′ align=’left’]
Schmooze with ambassadors, collect taxes and assassinate your enemies to snatch power as the last one standing.

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Sheriff of Nottingham
Not all politics happens on the national, do-or-die level. Sometimes all it takes is a rebellious band of merry men trying to sneak weapons and mead past the watching eyes of a tyrannical sheriff to incite a revolution.

And more! As per usual, feel free to bring your own games. (And no, they don’t have to be political in nature!)

After the meet we’re planning to head into town and go see the newest instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Doctor Strange. It’s apparently quite good!


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