A Games Bronies Play

Games Bronies Play #62

A large pile of tabletop games, including Takenoko, Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder, Love Letter, Coup, Rhino Hero, Gloom, Exploding Kittens, We Didn't Playtest This Either, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, Jenga, and Cards Against Humanity.
Kimberly Grey

Bring your games, bring yourselves, and together we’ll hopefully bring some good times!

As last month, meeting at the Starbucks outside Temple Meads before heading off to probably-Hy-Brasil for food, atmosphere and playing those games we call board.


  1. Starbucks Temple Quay

    1 The Square
    BS1 6DG
  2. Hy-Brasil Music Club

    7-9 Baldwin St
    Bristol BS1 1RU