A Severn Bronies Meet

Magical Mystery Meet

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It’s the season three finale! Gosh, it only feels like three months ago that this season was just starting!

Due to the expected large turnout, it is recommended that you RSVP on the associated UK of Equestria thread.

Meet plan

11:00 Starbucks
Once again our day begins in the caff where we gather fitfully and partake of joyous talk with what company we find over hot drinks and cold snacks.

12:00 The Knight’s Templar
We follow our usual plan around the bend to the local Wetherspoon’s gastropub, where we totally recommend you grab a warm and decent lunch in preparation for the day ahead.

13:30 Hydra Books
As usual, Hydra is playing host to our meet. They’re such lovely people!

Lauren Faust and Company’s Amazing Ponydrome
The fandom produces some exciting and amazing stuff – music, videos, even entire fan-made episodes; here we showcase it for you to see!

Live music
SpikeyMikey will be serenading us with a few acoustic pony tunes. Feel free to join in with singing and your own (reasonably sized and portable) instruments, just try to stay in tune!

Artist’s corner
Want some art? We have a team of amazingly skilled artists ready to take YOUR commissions!

The Great Brony Bake-Off II
Depending on whether there are enough participants, we will be holding another baking competition. A prize for the winner!

Roleplaying is Magic
Called off early back in December, Lyraboy is once again attempting to get you folks imagining things the pony way. Folks familiar with the game can bring their own characters, or use one of those pre-made for you!

Flame War and BUCK: Legacy
Everything is better in moderation, and what better moderation is there than a card game ABOUT moderation? Ripp_ will be taking folks through the Kickstarter-funded card game Flame War involving everything you expect to find online – memes, Mythbusters and yes, even bronies.

Also available to play is the recently released BUCK: Legacy, the one and only pony fantasy dungeon crawling RPG card game!

Episode viewing: Magical Mystery Cure
This episode, so long in waiting
The premise has the fandom aching
A princess and a coronation?
Is this Shining’s child
Or the result of alicornication?

16:30 Going Downtown
From Excelsior to the Apple Store, Perfect Pizza to perfect Subs, Bristol is home to practically every store you could want. For folks who are interested in shopping and exploration, this is the hour! If you’re not keen on going off alone then you can join us at the Perfect Pizza Company in the Galleries, home to some fabulous mini pizzas!

17:30 Forbidden Planet
As usual, we finish off our day of rampant consumerism by going to our resident geeky goods emporium – home to brushables, brush accessories, wave five and six blind bags and the My Little Pony comic book!

19:00 Subway
Subway is our standard epilogue to the meet, where we hang, read comic books and leave. Plenty of folks will be heading back to Temple Meads around this time, so you’ll always have company when starting your journey home.


  • Magpie will be recording a “Season Three Finale reaction video” at this meet, alert him ahead of time if you do not want to be recorded.
  • Additionally, Dan Jones and Leon K Fox also record imagery at these meets that are made available online, alert them too.
  • Dan Jones will be providing free coffee and doughnuts for a limited time. Please don’t abuse his generosity too badly.


  1. Starbucks Temple Quay

    1 The Square
    BS1 6DG