A Games Bronies Play and Severn Bronies Meet

March Madness

Better late than never (blame FoF, but not too harshly because it’s awesome!)

Bring your plushies and your games and your good selves and let’s ‘ave a larf – you know the drill…

Pre-meet at Starbucks in Temple Quay from 11am then we’ll wander down the canal (harbour? river? I never know!) across to Birkett Tap around midday to make our nest for the afternoon. As always you’re welcome to wander into town or wherever anyone feels like heading, and keep an eye on Discord for any updates, if you can’t find us, or just want to chat.


  1. Starbucks Temple Quay

    1 The Square
    BS1 6DG
  2. The Birkett Tap

    The Birkett Tap Bristol
    Baldwin Street