A Severn Bronies Meet

May the Foals Be With You

It’s Star Wars Day. Let’s have a meet.

We actually have Hydra Books booked out again for this meet, despite there not being an episode viewing going on. We’ll probably use it for music, videos and maybe finally we’ll get around to doing one of those Roleplaying is Magic things.

Meet plan

1100—1200 Star(Wars)bucks
A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away – we got coffee. Grab a cuppa, energise yourself and wait for your fellow Jedi to make themselves known!

1200—1320 The (Jedi) Knight’s Templar
At midday we’ll head around the corner to the pub, where you can buy food and any non-coffee beverages that may take your fancy, as well as collect yourselves into little groups where you can quietly plot how to overthrow the Empire.

1330—1630 Hydra (Imperial-class Star Destroyer) Books
Yes the Hydra only appeared in a single novel in the expanded universe. No I don’t care.

The Great Brony Bake-Off IV
An army marches on it’s stomach, and so does the Rebel Alliance. Bring our judges a fantastic feast for a chance to win a prize!

In for a credit, in for a pound. We have an array of prizes, pony-centric and not, to be given away to those beholding the lucky number!

Lauren Faust and Company’s Amazing Ponydrome
I… Yeah, I got nothing. This is just pony music and pony videos to delight your senses and fill you with that unexplainable sense of “Oh that’s nice!”

1630—1730 In the (Galactic) City
Coruscant is home to all manner of wonderful and varied shops, and Bristol is no different. Take in the splendour of our massive shopping areas and our hundreds of independent shops and markets; or join the rest of us as we chill out at the Perfect Pizza Planet.

1730—1900 The Forbidden Planet
Having broken through their ion shields, we are to invade the Forbidden Planet and plunder it’s rich seam of blind bags, brushables, comic books and now stocking pony t-shirts. Snazzy!

1900—2130 Endor/College Green
So long as it isn’t as cold as Hoth out there, we’ll be hanging out on College Green – probably with the addition of Nerf blaster wars, sandwiches and froyo – while we slowly say our goodbyes and people return to their starships.


  1. Starbucks Temple Quay

    1 The Square
    BS1 6DG