A Games Bronies Play and Severn Bronies Meet

May the Horse be with you

Cheesy puns sell ponies!
Come one, come all, let us gather and geek out, watch ponies, play games, share our single brain cell for JackBox, and generally just enjoy the warming weather together, but inside where we can appreciate it from a distance!

Bring Plushies, pony swag and any games you fancy, and if it’s still as warm as it is at time of writing, bring your water bottle and sunglasses too!

Premeet 11am at Starbucks, then leave for the Boardroom at midday.

Since last month Boardroom let us down, the official backup location is Birkett Tap again so let’s not waste any time moving there if Boardroom is a no-go (also a good reason to bring games!)


  1. Starbucks Temple Quay

    1 The Square
    BS1 6DG
  2. The Boardroom

    20 St Nicholas St
  3. The Birkett Tap

    The Birkett Tap Bristol
    Baldwin Street