A Severn Bronies Special

Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur

This weekend is Bristol’s annual Open Doors weekend, the one weekend a year where areas normally closed or limited to the public are made available for all to see in celebration of the architecture, engineering and history of those places.

I’ve personally wanted to do this for a few years after accidentally stumbling across the Clifton Rocks funicular railway being open for the day, and you can’t spell funicular without fun!

This is gonna be a walking heavy meet, but the weather is looking to be quite pleasant.

Some likely spots we’re gonna hit up:

There are many more about, but some of them are further out from the centre and others require booking, so we’re gonna keep our list small and keep it chill, ya dig?


  1. Starbucks Broadmead

    48 Horsefair
    BS1 3EE