A Severn Bronies Meet

Projector Pones

Haz projector, will Pony…

Pre-meet 11am at starbucks, over to The Boardroom pub’s upstairs room for midday for pony episodes and jackbox and whatever else people fancy putting up on the projector, plus games, gossip and wandering round town as and when and if anyone fancies (the plan is always flexible!). Room is booked til 5pm but the fun only stops when everypony wants to go home 😉

Boardroom don’t do food but are happy for us to bring our own as long as we buy their drinks and don’t leave a mess so make good use of St. Nick’s market and multitudinous other nearby options!

Check/message/ping on discord if you can’t find us at any point.


  1. Starbucks Temple Quay

    1 The Square
    BS1 6DG
  2. The Boardroom

    20 St Nicholas St