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Proud Ponies Brizzle 2024

NOT the usual schedule this time so read carefully! And please note we have switched Saturdays with Cardiff to align with Pride so this is a week earlier than usual.

As it’s Pride, come be proud, to be a Brony, to be LGBTQIA+, to be an Ally or just a Friend who’s happy for everypony to love who they want to love and be who they are! 🌈Also Rainbows🌈

EDIT – if you prefer, you can just join us at Boardroom for midday, no pressure either way!

PLAN FOR THE DAY (keep checking Discord for updates)

09:30-10:00am – Short premeet at Starbucks, caffeinate and gather then walk over to Castle Park at 10am latest

10:15am – Gather by the “Bronze Sculpture” in castle park – search on google maps to find the specific location, it has fish heads poking out the top! Whoever gets there first send a picture of your location on Discord so others can find you/you can find us.

10:45am – Join the Pride March! The website suggests 1hr for this, but it usually takes a while to get started and we usually duck out to the Boardroom as it goes past. You are welcome to complete the parade and double back or whatever takes your fancy but I (Umbra) will go over to the Boardroom as close to midday as reasonable to claim the space and get set up.

12:00-5:00pm – Boardroom (upstairs function room) for episodes and games and the usual fun! With the projector being dodgy last time, we will play it by ear as to how much screen time vs gaming vs general socialising, so feel free to speak up for your preference at the time as the whole point is for you all to enjoy yourselves!

Backup location is Birkett Tap as per usual – hopefully we won’t need it this time but better safe than sorry!


For the parade – Water bottle, pride flag(s) and other pride swag to taste, comfortable weather-appropriate clothing including supportive walking shoes and something in case of rain (it’s the UK after all!), and snacks or something to keep your blood sugar up. Consider fans, towels, anything you might need to stay cool in case it’s hot.

For the Boardroom – Board/card games – I will be bringing BUCK legacy, Unstable Unicorns, Braggart and HorseCon and you are all welcome to bring your own, but I’d recommend only one or two max to save your carry weight! ALSO bring Plushies, pony t-shirts, pony swag, all your pride gear from the parade, plus power banks/chargers as needed. Just be sure to balance your carry weight between Pride and Pony items (anything that doubles for both is even better!)


  1. Starbucks Temple Quay

    1 The Square
    BS1 6DG
  2. Castle Park

    Castle Park
    Bristol BS1 3XB
  3. The Boardroom

    20 St Nicholas St