A @ the Movies and Severn Bronies Meet

The Marvelous Movie Meet #1: The Lego Movie

Join us for a slightly different type of meet this month!

Rather than watch that pony nonsense, we’re going to the movies, specifically to see The Lego Movie! Grab the details below~

11.00–12.00 Starbucks
Come grab your coffee while you can.

12.00–13.30 The Knight’s Templar
Lunch and booze? Lunch and booze.

14.10–16.00 The Lego Movie
The main event of the day. Grab some popcorn and a drink, and lets have some fun! Any of you that don’t want to watch the film are free to do some shopping around Cabot Circus during this time. Meet us outside the cinema at 16.00 sharp!

If possible, we recommend that you book your movie tickets for this weekend in advance at this link!

16.00–??? Forbidden Planet
Once again we battle the weather and the gradient of Mount Bristol in the hope of finding geeky rewards at the top. From there we’ll get food and the like too!


  1. Starbucks Temple Quay

    1 The Square
    BS1 6DG