A Severn Bronies Special

The My Little Pony Weekend, with Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet in Bristol has a whole ton of new pony merch coming in this week, and they’re holding a party to celebrate!

We’ll be joining them as we partake in cosplay, quizzing, painting, colouring and cupcakes! Cosplay is encouraged but not required, and every cosplayer receives a funky little goodie bag to take home. Also up for grabs is a huge, huge, huge model pony. It’s huge. I’ve seen it, it’s huge.

Meet plan


The standard meeting place for all of our standard meets. Standard.

1200—an indeterminate time in the future
Forbidden Planet

We’ll be setting up a base of operations in Forbidden Planet from midday. From here, feel free to wander the area, shop, procure food and drinks and – of course – do some of those contests if you so desire! I (Grey) am judging in one of those contests, so feel free to get on my good side. Donations are accepted in cash and cake.

Details of what’s going on and when can be found on the Forbidden Planet website. Please be aware that the model painting contest has a £5 entry fee.

From then on—???

Weather permitting, we might just go and settle down on College Green or otherwise head back to the city centre for shopping and food and drink and all that jazzy fizzle consumerism. It’s basically a free for all of fun, fun, FUN.


  1. Forbidden Planet

    Clifton Heights
    Triangle West
    BS8 1EJ


Forbidden Planet