A Games Bronies Play and Severn Bronies Meet

The Severn Bronies Welsh Retreat

A photograph of the distinctive facade of the Wales Millennium Centre, Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff Bay.
Jonny Gios

After three years of absence from our schedules (though, to be fair, 1½ of those years were a little out of our control), we’re returning to Cardiff for a meet!

Meet plan

We’ll be meeting outside of Cardiff Central Railway Station before noon, before heading off to our venue, Geek Retreat, for hanging out and board games, and to act as our base of operations for the day. Bringing your own board games is encouraged!

Geek Retreat is a geek culture targeted store and gaming café. Food and drink is available at the menu (including, apparently, a Rainbow Dash themed milkshake!), though there are many other food retailers in the area, including recent imports Taco Bell and Tim Hortons.

The plan is fairly relaxed and freeform. Feel free to wander and stretch those pandemic-fatigued leggies!


  1. Cardiff Central railway station

    Central Square
    CF10 1EP
  2. Geek Retreat Cardiff

    Geek Retreat Cardiff
    Morgan Arcade