A Severn Bronies Meet

To Bristol (and Back Again) – The Season 6 Finale

Well, it may have aired on UK telly already, but we’re traditionalists (We’re really not. —Ed.) so our finale is penned in for the US airing as per usual!

As typical with our premieres and finales, we’re running an RSVP system just to ensure we don’t get overcrowded. Fill out this little thing to ensure that you’re not left out of the festivities.

Meet plan

11:00am–11:45am Starbucks

Meet up, drink up, get ready for the day.

11:45am–1:15pm The Knight’s Templar

Move up, eat up, get more ready for the day.

1:15pm–6:00pm Hydra Books

As per the last few meets, this is gonna be a bit more freeform than it used to be; combining the eleven secret herbs and spices of…

A Really Quite Difficult Quiz

If all things go to plan, we’ll be doing our first quiz in quite a while! To compensate for the late coming, we’re going to make it ridiculously difficult. Better bring your thinking caps.

The People’s Ponydrome

Pony videos, pony music, and general goings on, as determined by YOU! The audience!

Games Bronies Play

Someone will bring board games. You know they will. It’s a statistical certainty. Someone will probably ask to play Jackbox too, those wily ne’er do wells.

Oh, and the episodes: To Where and Back Again

An unlikely band of heroes must come together to save the day, from like orcs or something.

6:00pm–??? Like chill or something

We might head up to Forbidden Planet, maybe we won’t, we probably will though.


  1. Starbucks Temple Quay

    1 The Square
    BS1 6DG