A Severn Bronies Meet

Trade Ya for the Organiser

(Which is what Grey did since he wanted to use more of us sexy staff members.)

This meet marks the second complete year of Bristol brony meetups, starting with the Season 2 Finale meet up I ran those 24 months ago.

Meet Plan

11:00am–12:00pm Starbucks

Where we shall gather to consume enough caffeine1 to keep us going throughout the day before we move on to…

12:00am–1:30pm The Knight’s Templar The Punch bowl

There has been a late change, we will now be visiting the Punch bowl instead of the night’s templar. The Punch bowl is located on the same street as Hydra Books.

1:30pm–4:30pm Hydra Books

…a trip to Hydra books where besides watching the episodes we will enjoy the standard bazaar of card games, word games, sitting games and staring contests

4:30pm–6:00pm Forbidden Planet

…Forbidden Planet, where you will get the amazing opportunity to spend all your hard earned queen golds5,6,7 on merchandise for all of the nerdiest things ever. Which we can follow up with the even nerdier…

6pm till it ends: Laser Tag

…Lasers! Since everyone had a blast last time8 we shall be returning for another round of shooting lasers at people’s laser targets upon vests we are given to wear so we can be shot at… WITH LASERS

  1. Bristol Bronies doesn’t endorse or encourage the consumption of large quantities of caffeine, or the use of caffeine as a substitute for rest and a balanced diet, please consume caffeine responsibly.
  2. Please remember to pay for your food and take only to consume the food you have paid for.
  3. There we are referring to Starbucks branded caffeine drank earlier as you are not allowed to drink Starbucks drinks in the pub.9
  4. Bristol Bronies uses the word “craziness” to mean outside of the norm10. We do not endorse the losing of ones mind to a degree where one could be classified as crazy as Screw Loose.
  5. Please do not spend more queen golds7 than you can afford too, remember to stay financially responsible.
  6. Please also do not spend other people’s queen golds7 – That is stealing and it is bad.
  7. Queen golds refers to money,  specifically British pounds sterling.
  8. And because the staff where awesome enough to give us an offer to make it cheeper
  9. Nothing however stops you buying more caffeine at the pub and consuming it there with your food.
  10. Even though it is only marginally outside the norm to enjoy brightly coloured ponies.


  1. Starbucks Temple Quay

    1 The Square
    BS1 6DG