Promotional artwork for Minecraft, featuring Steve and Alex (the default avatars) looking out over the landscape.

Severn Bronies Minecraft server

0 players are currently online.

Server version: 1.16.4.

We have a community Minecraft server now! This page has some of the deets on how you can get involved with it.

Accessing the server

The server is only accessible to people who have been approved to use it. This is to prevent hackers and other bad actors disrupting the server and community. To get access to the server, join the Severn Bronies Discord and ping Ripp_#9453 with your Minecraft username to request access.

To join, from the game’s main menu, click on “Multiplayer”, click on “Direct Connection” or “Add Server” and enter into the Server Address box.

Note that the server uses Minecraft Java Edition, available on Windows, macOS and Linux. The server cannot be accessed using versions of Minecraft for other systems, or the version formerly named Minecraft Windows 10 Edition (also known as the Bedrock Editions).

The experience

The server is a mostly vanilla survival server, running the most recent full release of Minecraft Java Edition. You have to collect resources, defend yourself against hoards of monsters, and build yourself up from nothing by punching trees, spelunking for resources, and perhaps occasionally “borrowing” from other players.

A map of the server world (updating nightly) can be found here: Severn Bronies Minecraft server map.

The server’s difficulty is set to medium, and a few server-side datapacks have been added to make the experience nicer for new and casual players:

  • On death, you drop a gravestone containing your inventory and experience. You just need to break it open to get your stuff back.
  • Only one player has to sleep in order to skip the night or thunderstorms.
  • Enderman griefing is disabled (creeper griefing is not).
  • Wandering traders stock a larger variety of items.
  • Server-wide notifications are sent if a villager is killed; useful if you’re looking to protect villages from raids.
  • Players who are AFK for more than five minutes have greyed out nameplates.

A few other tweaks are just for fun:

  • Killing another player gives you their head.
  • Killing mobs gives you a chance of receiving their head.
  • Additional statistics about how far you swim, how much you run, etc. are logged, just for funsies. These should appear on your “Statistics” screen, viewable from the pause menu.


This is a community Minecraft server. It is administered by Ripp_ and hosted by Rammy for the benefit of the Severn Bronies community, but it is considered separate from the staff of the Severn Bronies and Severn Bronies Ltd. as a legal entity. This page exists as a courtesy to advertise the service they provide for us. We do not exercise (or have) any direct control over the server, its operation, or moderation.