RT @StTabitha: Folks, if u see people posting Nazi kak on #MLP imagery, pls report it. We do a kids show about inclusion & harmony. There's…
Mini-golf happening this Saturday! Full details here! Bring £8 for mini-golf plus whatever spending money you want. https://t.co/efqcBexeYT
People really gotta stop ordering these assuming they’re not going to be THAT big. https://t.co/qVvMFLnnkF
Old meets new. Games are played. https://t.co/NcXPsWKech
@Fir3Sparkle We are!
PLAY. MORE GAMES. https://t.co/28zNjpxlV9
Okay folks, we are moving on to the White Harte at 12:30! That's now, fyi.
RT @BristolPost: Useful information about today's big protest in Bristol - lots of roads affected: https://t.co/PpI23Wfr9c
Attendees to Bristol today: Be aware there’s a major political rally happing in the city today. Traffic may not be the best.