Wanna know what meets are coming up? We have a newsletter for that: https://t.co/cwK6As80pZ
30th of June - bowling time! In Cardiff! https://t.co/vRjtWFctnX
Correction, 14th of July. Derp. https://t.co/aNoCal5piF
And of course, as usual, we'll be at Bristol Pride on the 15th of July. Hopefully that, along with our regular me… https://t.co/1w9rjEjwup
From the 29th of June to the 1st of July the Severn Bronies Developers (https://t.co/wVAIjuUVEq will be participat… https://t.co/iljqR64MrM
This Saturday the Severn Bronies GIC (https://t.co/IdIWGtxhcL will be having a trans clothes swap, where folks wil… https://t.co/FP6s5fNCDx
Have a random update on some extra-curricular activities! These aren't meets, just events that a decent chunk of o… https://t.co/K9VL5XUvR0
The one part of Cheltenham we wish we got to see... https://t.co/14zTqvjRrZ
We’re in Cheltenham today! We’ll be leaving Cheltenham Spa sharpish at midday, so drop a line if you’re gonna be late!
Are you going to join us in Cheltenham this Saturday?