Have a fun weekend, everyone at UK Ponycon this weekend! (And enjoy the season finale, if you've not seen it already!)
https://t.co/CkCnEk3FOg Come join us in Caerphilly for an on tour meet!
Unrelated: We’re moving some of our satellite chatrooms over to Discord. Come hang out! https://t.co/g8hVigQLTJ
RT @timsplosion: Stirring up the #drama big time over on Discord https://t.co/OqnvG9qASd
Today is the start of the NINTH year of Friendship is Magic! Congratulations on feeling old!
@CoaldustPony Heck
https://t.co/Oumw7JnT6JCome join us in Cardiff on the 22nd!
@badgyote Hurray!
RT @Polygon: Over the three days of BronyCon 2018, we spoke to dozens of attendees, panelists, and community figures about the reported fin…
RT @Jesslyra: Test of the cheaper WHSmiths brand markers i have for Taunton art meet group to use. Smoulder is indifferent to them #mlp #br…