We’re hiring (volunteers)!
RT @AMYSQUEE: @AMYSQUEE so thank you to @PokeeMay @kimpegasus @Ripp_ @CoaldustPony @SilverBroom20 @LeonKFox @SevernBronies @GaleTheFloofle
RT @SilverBroom20: New badge unlocked! @SevernBronies https://t.co/7zsxnJAUn0
RT @PokeeMay: The @SevernBronies meets are good fun @gigosaurus https://t.co/wD3I5T7JYT
Firestorm is unfortunately too busy to accommodate us. We'll be hunching down for games in the Super Bowl instead.
Keep an eye open for our premier stream meet! https://t.co/sJR24dH9fh
With the Scottish, Welsh, English and for Cornish we are only lacking the northern Irish as we go to the gate keepe… https://t.co/LtGaohyZck
Today we go to Cardiff to PLAY GAMES MORE! https://t.co/Wm1o0aU3Ad
@FlareWing987 Do it filly!
https://t.co/Wm1o0aU3Ad Games time this weekend!