And just like that the last embers of today’s meet have dispersed. Hope you enjoyed today’s event and the episodes!
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We have a dealer table, complete with our own Flim and Flam!
For those joining us at the venue, it’s The Station, Silver Street, BS1 2AG.
We have no specific venue for food. It's a free for all at and near Cabot Circus due to varied dietary requirements. Get whatever you like!
We are moving towards the centre for food! The Station is booked for 1PM but we will be setting up, so aim for 1:15…
We have name stickers, logo stickers, badges, and other gubbins for you! Also the @BristolFurs for some reason.
@MarinaBleatalot @BristolFurs
It’s a cold start to the day but it’s gonna be warming up in the mid afternoon. The weather is pretty good, otherwise!