Let's chill out, eat, drink and be merry in Cardiff! https://t.co/oU4BsyZMBR 15th December at midday!
Only a couple of weeks left until the 2019 census and meet feedback survey ends. Get your words in while you still… https://t.co/rHGzIb0FBN
We’re having a quieter than normal December this year; only two meets! We’ll see you on the other side. https://t.co/JfYnyYf0rZ
This year's census and meet feedback survey is now live! Tell us about yourself, your likes, your dislikes, and hel… https://t.co/hohF8TybKV
https://t.co/5Ygm7A50h9 Come join us in Cardiff this Saturday!
It's coming, it's coming, it's coming… https://t.co/UHFRUqB2e1
RT @BristolCouncil: Rail passengers in the Bristol area, please check before you travel during #bristolrailupgrade by @networkrailwest. Bus…
Have a fun weekend, everyone at UK Ponycon this weekend! (And enjoy the season finale, if you've not seen it already!)
https://t.co/CkCnEk3FOg Come join us in Caerphilly for an on tour meet!
Unrelated: We’re moving some of our satellite chatrooms over to Discord. Come hang out! https://t.co/g8hVigQLTJ