Oh jeez! Is that a capybara?! https://t.co/VwFPK1Pcey
Chocolate bars, chocolate eggs, and creme eggs were all invented by J. S. Fry & Sons, in Bristol. You’re welcome!
Please stop this madness. #SeasonSevern
Congratulations to Team Sofa on winning Gameshows Bronies Play! #SeasonSevern
RT @LeonKFox: Now en route to the @SevernBronies Season 7 Premiere meet! #MLPFiM https://t.co/793cmIv0oR
All aboard the hype train! Also known as the 10:00 to Taunton (though we get off at Bristol).
If you’ve not RSVP’d for whatever reason, you’ve got about an hour left to do so. https://t.co/zz3JeTg7lq#SeasonSevern
RT @CoaldustPony: Party Ponka is on the way! @SevernBronies https://t.co/rSCVIfZjea
BRING PLUSHIES. #PlushMeet2017 #SeasonSevern
RT @kimpegasus: I’m quite excited for tomorrow’s meet ‘quiz’, Gameshows Bronies Play. It’s quite different from the trivia games we’ve done…