@ClickToTry and company are streaming for Children in Need aaaaaall night. https://t.co/wfkboO1f4u
Meet tomorrow question mark
D&D, DDR, DRM, DUI. Just some of the acronyms of things possible to do this weekend. https://t.co/eaWJukwkIx
RT @SIneptitude: @SevernBronies hi.Wondered if anyone is filling the movie sticker albumns n wanted to swap spares with me. I know i could…
@ClickToTry That, we can do!
So, what do you want to do this weekend? https://t.co/L2ibGNl6F1
Today! It's games! https://t.co/7AOH5WYMhkhttps://t.co/KCbMBGh04h
@Fir3Sparkle Okay.
If you want to talk about us, then contact us. Do not make unsolicited calls to family members you’ve stalked. Thank you.
Further attempts to do so will be upgraded with a demand to bugger off, in the most unkind of terms.