Art and games to be had in Taunton today! Head on down!
RT @MrDeLoop: And now for our feature presentation @ashieboop
Get the creative juices flowing this weekend as @Jesslyra brings you another art meet!
RT @kimpegasus: Eating the @SevernBronies for lunch. This Saturday, 7th April! See you there folks!
This is not a horse.
We’ve decided to go to the Old Market Café for lunch. We’ll be heading there imminently.
Fallen back to Starbucks, yes, sorry.
Spoons is absolutely rammed with people so we’ve fallen back to Spoons. Will be here until about midday before location food elsewhere.
RT @timsplosion: Who's got two thumbs, is running low on cash, and getting desperate? 😅 👍👍 This guy!<< $10 art c…