Covid safety protocols at Severn Bronies meets

Last updated: 4th June 2021.

With retail and hospitality services reopening and the UK’s vaccination rollout well under way, we’ve been assessing when and how we want to restart our regular meets. We have yet to decide on a restart date.

We are extremely aware that the pandemic is not over, and that many of our cohort may not yet have been vaccinated or still be uncomfortable being in busy, crowded, or enclosed areas.

In the interim, meets are going to be taking place with some additional precautions:

Limited numbers

All scheduled meets will require you to RSVP in advance of attending. This is so that we can keep the number of people in attendance within legal limits.

Remain outdoors

As much as is practical—given the typical British summertime—we will be remaining in outdoor areas. This includes choosing meeting points that are outside and can accommodate physical distancing, such as parks, and using these locations as a base from which to split and re-congregate.

This means we will not be hiring venues or planning meets that involve being indoors (such as movie meets) for the time being.

Respect boundaries

Not everyone will be comfortable being close to or being in physical contact with others. If someone is keeping their distance and avoiding contact, respect their wishes. We will be providing free stickers to meet attendees who wish to clearly and visibly state their contact preferences.

If a person is wearing a red sticker:

  • Avoid any physical contact.
  • Keep as much distance as is practical, ideally at least 2 metres (≈6 feet).

If a person is wearing an amber sticker:

  • Limit physical contact. You can fist bump, elbow bump, etc. but don’t do any touching or hugging.
  • Keep as much distance as is practical, ideally at least 1 metre (≈3 feet).

If a person is wearing a green sticker:

  • Physical contact is OK. As with all situations (even pre-pandemic) you should still ask before hugging or making any other significant physical contact.

The stickers are provided as a guideline. A person may have additional preferences in addition to or in place of the above.

Stay organised

As we anticipate that splitting into smaller parties is going to happen more frequently, we ask that meet attendees ideally be part of our Telegram group so that we can keep track of people and issue updates in case circumstances change.

If you are going to split into a group for shopping or food, ensure that the group is made up of no more than six people, in-line with current legal requirements.

Follow the guidance

Follow the current guidance issued by the government. In particular:

  1. Do not attend a meet if you have COVID-19 symptoms.
  2. Do not go indoors as a group of more than six people.
  3. Maintain a physical distance of at least 1 metre from other people, if possible.
  4. Wear face masks indoors (unless exempt or seated in a restaurant).
  5. Wash your hands frequently, with soap, for 20 seconds. Sanitise your hands frequently too.
  6. If you have rapid lateral flow tests (LFTs), you may wish to test yourself before a meet and a few days afterwards. You can order packs of LFTs for free from the government.