A Games Bronies Play

Games Bronies Play #68

Excelsior have a nifty little games room, so we can play our own darn games without having to worry about being in a pub playing the “loud music” or the “foot ball”, we shall go there.

Meeting at Starbucks (assuming we can this time!) we’ll try and snaffle lunch somewhere before heading over to Excelsior.

Note that Excelsior charge a £2 per person fee to use their gaming facilities. There is also a minimum card spend of £5, so it is recommended that you purchase other goods at the same time, pool the charge between multiple people, or bring exact change with you.

You do not need to RSVP for this meet, however please abide by our other Covid safety protocols.


  1. Starbucks Broadmead

    48 Horsefair
    BS1 3EE
  2. Excelsior! Games and Comics

    Excelsior Comics Ltd
    Bond Street